Java Annotations And Covariant Returns

Java Annotations and Covariant Returns

This tutorial explains how to use metadata, annotations and covariant returns in Java programming, and why each of these are important facilities in your code.

Java Generics

Java Generics

Since 2004, the Java programming language has included generics within J2SE. Generics go beyond type-safe collections and can be used to create methods and types, as well as add type-awareness to collections and other container-like classes, without breaking flexibility.  

Java Object-oriented Concepts

Java Object Oriented Concepts

Java adopts almost all Object-oriented concepts, but constrains some Object-oriented concepts, like inheritance. Learn about Java’s perspective on Object Oriented concepts, as well as Java coding conventions.

Introduction To Object-Oriented Concepts

Introduction to OO Concepts

Object-oriented programming was created to describe and simulate complex systems. Learn the purpose behind basic Object-orientation concepts, how they function, why you should use Object-orientation in your programming, and more.